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Mark's story

Mark set up the first walking football teams in his area. Discover more about his walking sports story today.

Victoria's story

Discover how Victoria's son became her route into walking sports, and why she now can't imagine life with it!

Pippa's story

Pippa tells us about her experience of walking netball for the first time – and why she’ll be back for more!

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Aug 2019

Fancy updating your walking sports wardrobe? Where to save mo

If you're curious about the benefits of sport wear, or fancy updating your wardrobe, here's the kit worth splashing...

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Jul 2019

Ignore the stigma – walking sports are no ‘walk in the park’

Our ambassador, John Inverdale, on the misconceptions of walking sports and fun ways to change up the rules.

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Jul 2019

How walking sports can boost your mind, body and social life

Our ambassador, sports broadcaster John Inverdale, on the power of walking sports on your mind, body and social...

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Jul 2019

Superfoods vs. the sins – the best pre and post-game snacks

Food is fuel – it gives us energy, boosts our immune systems and helps us recover faster after exercise, so knowing...

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May 2019

3 ideas for active holidays

Are you looking for a more active way to enjoy your holiday? You don’t need to be on a sunbed by the beach to make ...

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Apr 2019

Submit your story

Do you have a story about playing sport that you'd like to share? Get in touch with us today and you could become ...

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