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Join My Just Get Active today. It’s a free app designed to help you on your walking sports journey by tracking your walking sports session steps, and much more! With My Just Get Active you can also contribute to our 1 Million Steps Walking Sports Challenge, to help us support walking sports in the Warwickshire area. So, are you ready to hit the ground walking?

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Just Get Active

Walking sports are a fun way to keep your energy up, make new friends, and look after your health. And they are about to get even more popular, as there’s a new initiative that is increasing opportunities to get involved with walking sports communities in Warwickshire and the surrounding areas (including Coventry, Bromsgrove and Solihull).

Why get involved?

Staying active as you get older can help you live a happier and healthier life, as exercise is proven to work wonders on body and mind – decreasing cholesterol and preventing osteoporosis to reducing stress and lowering the risk of dementia.

Walking sports you can try

Whether you want to try your hand at walking basketball or walking cricket or enjoy the excitement of a walking football or walking hockey match, there’s something for everyone in the Warwickshire and Coventry area.

Volunteers are just as important

You don't need to be playing to be part of a sporting community – sport at any level needs people off the pitch to help make it happen. Your admin skills, baking brilliance, or loud cheering could be just what your local team needs!

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