Walking Sports Group Guide

If you’ve ever been interested in leading your own walking sports group, but haven’t known how or where to begin, then fear no more. We’ve put together a Walking Sports Group Guide to help you get started and develop your group into the walking sports place to be.

Our guide provides you with plenty of handy advice, from the equipment you need, to finding a venue, to recruiting more players. Perhaps you’re an expert on walking hockey, have access to a beautiful pitch, but not enough people to play on it? Maybe you and 10 friends are raring to go for a walking football match, but have nowhere to go? Our guide can help.

If there are no walking sports groups near you, then creating one can bring with it a wide range of physical and mental benefits for you and your friends. Not only do walking sports give you a chance to play the sports you love – or try a new one if you’d prefer – but the games will give you a physical workout, at your own pace, which your body might not be getting otherwise.

Organising a walking sports group also has social benefits too. It provides the opportunity to socialise before, during and after games, which can be a boost to people feeling lonely and isolated. There’s nothing but upsides!

Our Walking Sports Group Guide includes promotional essentials, practicalities which need consideration, and some useful resources for plenty of popular walking sports, so what’re you waiting for? Take a look through it and get your own group started.

Download the Walking Sports Group Guide