Just Get Active is here to help more than just players and volunteers.

Maybe you’re a sports centre that wants to build your offering for older players. Or perhaps you’re a business that wants to help their employees live a happier and healthier life.

Whatever your reason, Just Get Active is here to help.

Sports clubs and centres

Are you a sports club or centre that wants to start offering sessions for older players?

At Just Get Active, our mission is to help people enjoy a happier and healthier life through sport. You could make it part of your mission too.

By hosting sessions specifically for older adults, such as walking sports or modified sports, you’ll help more people reap the benefits of playing sport regularly. Take a look at our ‘Why get involved’ page to discover all the reasons older people should get involved in sport.

Still have questions? If you’d like to get in touch with us or feature an event or activity on our website, email us at: get-active@wearejust.co.uk

Employee engagement

Sport is a fun and engaging way to help your employees enjoy regular physical activity.

If a number of your employees are 50 and over, you could offer sport sessions to your employees as part of an engagement programme. This could be a walking sports team that plays in the local park at lunch or after work, or a regular training session from a professional coach.

There are so many benefits to playing sport in later life, and you could help your employees make the most out of later life.

Take a look at our 'Why get involved’ page to discover all the reasons older people get involved in sport, and visit our ‘Walking Sports’ page for inspiration on the types of activities you could run.


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